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Meet our staff

Dangerloaf at the executive headquarters of Danger Bakery


Dangerloaf has been with the bakery since the beginning. He graduated from the International Institute of Loafology and is currently the head of the Department of Loafology at his alma mater. Dangerloaf enjoys long, moonlit walks in his stroller around the neighborhood and biting. His current interests are biting and finding nicer humans who will stop picking him up and do not take exception to being bitten. His greatest secret is that he–HEY HELP SOMEONE OH GOD I’M GETTING MAULED.

Dangerpuff usurping the throne at the Executive Headquarters, the treasonous little whelp.


Dangerpuff is a newcomer to the bakery, but what he lacks in experience he has more than made up for in pure, distilled chaos. He graduated from the same university as Dangerloaf, the International Institute of Loafology, and he was recently appointed head of the newly-founded department of Puffology. His research interests include discovering which surfaces are most pleasurable to scratch, and he has several papers published on the matter. He enjoys having constant attention paid to him, but not too much, and starting shit with Dangerloaf. His favorite food is whatever houseplant he is forbidden from eating.

Our newest editor engaging in one of her favorite pastimes.


Jos├ęphine joins the bakery from the mountains of the wild and the wonderful. Although she did not attend the International Institute of Loafology, she brings with her extensive experience from the editorial sphere, including pieces in such classics as the Catlantic, and Harpers Purrzar magazines. She is an activist in the litterbox community and has been known to stage dramatic protests when such newfangled intrusions such as the LitterRobot 4 encroach upon the grounds of tradition. Her interests include napping by the window and sleeping in the exact center of the bed leaving no room for anyone else.

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