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MonsterLoaf Records

We’re a small collection of cats working hard in the DJ booth to bring you the lowest quality mixes. Meet the artists behind our wildly successful label with hits such as ‘Walkies or Death’ by DVNGERLOVF and ‘Scoop Scoop’ by SUDDEN PUFF.

Here’s a listen of our very first Meow Mix! This is a trap set put out by the illustrious DVNGERLOVF, our most prolific artist to date!

Check out the visualizer! The names are a bit off time, because DVNGERLOVF barely survived his first encounter with adobe after effects while making this video and couldn’t be arsed to go back into that hellhole to correct the name tags, so just try to sort it out yourself.

Trap Mix with Visualizer

Check out DJ COZY FIREPLACE 4K UHD (12 HRS)’s new remix of Playing with Fire by Eliminate:

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