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Meet the Artists of MonsterLoaf!


DVNGERLOVF relaxing backstage

No one knows who hides behind the piggy hat, and his mysterious identity only makes his fans love him even more! DVNGERLOVF is not known for literally anything at all, but you can catch him throwing paw-guns and winking at an imaginary audience while spinning banger after banger in his converted DJ booth at the bottom of his cat tree. His sound is dark, high-energy and eclectic–he’s often found mixing trap, dubstep and however the hell you classify Rezz’s music.


The iconic blue pengy hat

SUDDEN PUFF’s signature blue pengy hat has become a crowd favorite and you’re bound to see at least one or two die-hards wearing them at any festival. He’s known for keeping paws shuffling as he lays down mind-blowing EBSM and midtempo sets, often with a cyberpunk bent.

Charloaffe de Catte

Charloaffe de Catte has made herself a household name through her dark, melodic techno mixed artfully with experimental and house. Consistently headlining such massive events as Electric Daisy Cat-nival and TomorrowLoaf has made her signature sound easy to recognize and even easier to throw down to.


This Happy Puffcore artist has garnered a cult following, which is confusing, since he only plays S3RL remixes. Still, we like S3RL so we went ahead and signed him on, just in case.

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