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New K(itten)pop Idol group, ‘Oven,’ slated to debut!

Fans are still reeling from the exciting finale of the highly popular idol survival show, ‘Meow-knae on Top.’ Oven, the 4-member cat and dog idol group that managed to pull a surprise win with their stunning performance of their original single, ‘Pet Me Right,’ announced their long-awaited debut for later this month. Here’s what fans need to know about these young upstarts in the pop world.

Why are they called ‘Oven?’

Dangerloaf, the self-appointed leader of the group, answers this common question:

“Well, ovens are notoriously dangerous and hot, and we felt that really represented our brand. Not to mention, you can’t get loaves this nice without baking them.”

Well, we can’t disagree with that logic!

Read on to find out more about each of the members.


Stage name: Dangerloaf / 데인저로프

Birth name: Flea-bitten dumpster cat

Nickname(s): Loaf, Besto Loafu, (Don) Loafio, Terrible Loaf, What Are You Doing In There

Birthday: June 1, 2019

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: Medium-smol

Blood type: Cat


Nationality: Cat-rean

Role: Leader (self-appointed), vocalist

Hobbies: batting at string, zoomies

Likes: walkies, dry crunchies

Dislikes: doing tricks before dinner, flea medicine, car rides


Stage name: Dangerpuff / 데인저퍼프

Birth name: cute “girl” kitten on Craigslist

Nickname(s): Puff, (Don) Puffio, Terrible Puff, Bad Cat, Get Out of the Pantry

Birthday: January 1, 2021

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: Medium-smol


Nationality: Cat-rean

Role: Rappurr, Dancer, Face of the Group (self-appointed)

Hobbies: stealing food (anyone’s food, as long as it’s not his), hiding in the pantry, napping

Likes: wet food, tube treats, being paid attention to

Dislikes: when Dangerloaf finishes his food before he (Dangerpuff) can steal some, the outside world, new people, being paid attention to (against his puffy will)


Stage name: Jotato / 조태토

Birth name: Joseph

Nickname(s): Jojo, Bad Potato, Bad Grandpa, Please Just Drink One Drop of Water, Stop Scratching the Carpet

Birthday: August 17, 2011

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: Smol


Nationality: Taipawnese / Felinian

Role: Rappurr, vocalist, Chief quality inspector (self-appointed, refuses to elaborate on what that means)

Hobbies: it’s hard to find time for hobbies when one is the chief quality inspector and must spend a lot of time checking over the couch and blankets

Likes: warm laps but only blankets included, baskets

Dislikes: uncovered skin, shoes

Marshmallow Fluff

Stage name: Marshmallow Fluff / 마시멜로 보풀

Birth name: Eddie

Nickname(s): Eddie-Freddie, Freddie-man, Fredward, Freduardo, Big Boy, Fuck on Outta Here

Birthday: February 6th, 2015

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: Lorge


Nationality: Florida Man

Role: Vocalist, Dancer, High-notes specialist (self-appointed)

Hobbies: trash can diving, looking for toilet paper rolls, playing with toilet paper rolls, eating toilet paper rolls

Likes: toilet paper rolls, his egg (a plastic egg-shaped toy), peanut butter, carrots, trying new people foods

Dislikes: baths, bubbles in water fountains, when people blow in his face, pedicures

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