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Puff Explorer makes “Genshin Impact” with the Florida Coast. The search for survivors continues.

Meowmi, Florida

Dozens of explorers have met their final resting place since July 6, 2023; following the release of Dangerpuff’s Explorer Handbook, the latest digital storm to batter the beleaguered Sunshine State. The meteorological office based in Meowmi, FL, which serves as the world’s premiere tropical cyclone forecast authority, released a statement regarding “Puff Explorer”:

“While this system does not appear to be tropical or cyclonic or allow comments, it did originate from our state and it has clusters, so we feel some obligation to say something. So there it is, it’s a very good interactive map if you like Genshin Impact.”

Authorities from neighboring states are still assessing damage from its strike there, but preliminary eyewitness reports from Twittpurr confirm a similar pattern in Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia.

The absolutely chaotic nature of the storm has meteorologists panicking, running around their offices, gnashing their teeth and rolling around in soot, dressed only in flour sacks.

Genshin Impact, the lesser known spinoff of Genshin Loafpack, has recently been gaining traction, which experts say has increased the storm’s duration and intensity.

You should check it out and make it worse!


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