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Genshin Loafpack first banner for 1.0, “Even Yeast Cannot Revive the Homeloaf,” release date confirmed!

It’s the moment we’ve all been saving our primoloafs for! The cult favorite, Raiden Jojo, will finally come out on a character banner on 6/29/22.

While most gamers are only interested in (the first class) jiggle physics and the doujinshi potential of the Raiden Jojo, we at Nekotaku Gaming are prepared to dig deep into stats and other kinda boring things that we’re pretty sure serious gamers probably look at. Plus, scroll to the bottom of the article for an exclusive interview with the head of the team of engineers responsible for animating the Raiden’s magical, swaying bazongas.

Her character demo highlights her powerful elemental burst, ‘Shocking Stench,’ which summons an electro-charged AoE cloud of ‘stressed-out cat smell,’ drastically reducing enemies’ resistance to all types of damage and can paralyze smaller enemies for a short period. Her elemental skill, ‘Smoker’s Meow,’ shreds the defense of any nearby enemies and causes physical damage over a predetermined period; this effect is stackable for a maximum of three meows. Of course, even the Raiden’s normal attack, ‘Bat bat, goes the cat,’ is extremely powerful and can go for hits of up to 100,000 damage (probably, who knows?) when charged and buffed.

However, everyone knows that the real reason everyone is planning to roll on this banner is to check out her fabulous, sword-sheathing chest. We were delighted to land an exclusive interview with the head of the jiggle physics team, Hayao Miyazaki, which went something like this:

[Regarding the inspiration for the character]: “The designers just told us, ‘Hey, we want big boobs. Listen to us. BIG BOOBS. HONKIN KNOCKERS. Let us make ourselves clear. This chest needs to be big enough to hide AN ENTIRE MAGICAL SWORD. You need to have enough space under her shirt to build an entire separate dimension, you got that?’ They hired 12 of us, all focused on perfecting the art of gently swaying breasts in a non-existent breeze, and I have to say, this is probably my best work yet.”

See full-sized Character Banner!

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