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Second Banner, ‘Scent of Bread on the Wind,’ release date announced!

It’s hard to follow up the Raiden Jojo herself, but Dangerxiao is pulling it off! Sending thousands spiraling into debt as they purchase more primoloafs, the vigilant loafsha is set to break sales records, according to analysts.

His impressive character demo has gamers drooling. His unique kit offers high mobility and intense flurries of bites and scratches. Thanks to his passive sprint ability, “Walkies“, Dangerxiao can engage opponents from long distances — if they are nearby juicy grass or a pretty bush. After closing the gap to his target, Dangerxiao unleashes high speed bites with his normal attack and a powerful bunny-kick charged attack.

His elemental skill, “Stroller Hop,” allows Dangerxiao to hop to high places or nearby strollers and lower the resistance of all nearby enemies. All of this clears the way for the Vigiliant Loafsha to murder the ever loving shit out of stuff with his elemental burst, “Five Points of Contact. ” The quick-moving catdeptus calls upon the spirits of the other Loafshas, engaging all of his paws and teeth in a seemingly never-ending swarm of attacks. This attack is particularly effective for breaking shields or skin.

We’re looking forward to watching sweaty neckbeards on twitch pull him the second the banner is released and proceed to spend the next twelve hours absolutely crushing our dreams of ever feeling adequate in this game.

Oh? What’s that? We forgot to include the date in our article? Right… Right… It’s probably… 7/11/2022. That’s it, for sure. No, we didn’t just make that up.

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