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Monsterloaf records signs on DJ COZY FIREPLACE 4K UHD (12 HOURS)!

Well, folks, there have been whispers that DJCF4U12H had been in talks with Monsterloaf, but we didn’t dare believe it was true until it was confirmed by officials at the prestigious record label.

Long considered bitter rivals, DJCF4U12H and the founder of the label, DVNGERLOVF, have both been known to write diss tracks about each other. DJCF4U12H, known best for his tracks ‘Crackling Fire Sounds‘ and ‘Crackling Fireplace,’ also authored ‘DVNGERLOVF is a little piss-baby.’ Though that specific track met with less commercial success, it did catch the eye of the intended recipient, who in turn penned, ‘Crackhead Fireplace Ass Bitch,’ which was most notable for the line ‘If a certain fireplace don’t watch his mouth, I’ma snuff that bitch-made flame out.’ This line went viral on Kit-Kat, the completely incomprehensible short-form media website that is ultimately going to be society’s downfall, spawning several dances.

Despite explaining nothing, the two seem to have made up enough to develop a professional relationship.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” DVNGERLOVF responded when questioned.

DJCF4U12H was too busy recording his namesake livestream to be reached for comment.

What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but we encourage you to check out his latest re-mix of Playing with Fire:

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