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Nekoyama Electric Railway announces Mofutama as the Grand Station Master

The local train company, Nekoyama Electric Railway, is known for having come back from the brink of bankruptcy by having the entire company staff replaced by cats; which didn’t help at all and made things much worse, because cats are very silly and not very good employees.

However, due to the sheer cuteness of being a company run by cats, they were able to pick up a loyal fanbase willing to buy a bunch of cat-related merchandise, which was enough to resurrect the company from its bankruptcy. That was about as far as they got, however, as they are cats and, as stated previously, very ineffective at their jobs.

Over the past year, much speculation has arisen regarding who would be announced as Grand Station Master, with many prominent names being thrown into the ring such as Dangerloaf, Dangerpuff and even Mistress Josephine LeChat herself. For those in the know, it comes as no surprise that Mofutama came out on top. Mofutama brings with him a plethora of experience in both being cute and wearing a train conductor outfit while holding a whistle.

While all contenders have been very cute since birth, only Mofutama has worn a train conductor outfit for any period of time, and certainly is the only one who has ever held a whistle. He also picked up noteworthy experience conducting vacations with minimal disruptions in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Furthermore, Mofutama trained under the illustrious Nitama, the successor to Tama, the most famous cat station master to ever live, making him a shoe-in for the position.

Mofutama during the training years with the celebrity Cat station master, Nitama.

The Nekoyama Electric Railway company made their announcement with much fanfare, and sent out free Mofutama handkerchiefs to the first hundred people to notice them and give them scritchies, along with limited-edition commemorative merchandise, as well as mofutama-themed drinks and snacks such as branded tube treats and dry crunchies.

The company encourages visitors to stop by for their inaugural month of having a Grand Station Master and spend time and money on them.

Mofutama, dutiful as ever, himself did not offer any comments during the press release, merely looking cutely over the crowd and holding his whistle officiously.

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