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Third Banner, ‘Chill Before Serving,’ set to be released sometime in the next decade, we’re pretty sure.

Chongpuff, a cryo five-star paw-wielder, is friendly to beginner players due to requiring no skill to play him at all. Some players complain he is unwieldy and falls off of high places with the slightest provocation due to his incredibly long toe puff, but they’re haters and no one cares what they think.

You can bet we’re rebuilding our store of primoloafs to absolutely annihilate anyone who steps in our way with a quick swipe from his normal attack, ‘Scoop scoop,’ which is really just him swiping at anyone or anything within reach to see if they might be edible. While he may not be the fastest character in the game, his big honkin’ mitts certainly pack a punch, yeeting enemies high into the air with his charged attack. The character demo shows him one-shotting pretty much any shield and most trash mobs, putting him high on our wish list.

His elemental skill, ‘Mochi Ice Beans,’ shoots ice cream mochi at the enemy, who are then too distracted by the delightful flavors to continue fighting. If held, ‘Mochi Ice Beans’ provides bonus flavors. Players are most excited about his elemental burst, however. ‘Paw-Bingsu’ creates an AoE ice bowl that infuses all attacks with tasty condensed milk, matcha powder and red bean jam. It’s uncertain how this is a fighting style, but we’re certainly looking forward to finding out.

Look forward to updates on his release date!

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