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StealthCat Airlines to Add New Nonstop Services Via Fighter Puff

Stealthcat Airlines has announced yet another set of routes to be served with its newly acquired Fighter Puff 21 jet airplane (FP-21). Nonstop destinations include top of the cat tower, kitchen counter, and local ironing boards, with regional services to nearby fish tanks. On board services to include aggressive licking and in-flight trilling. For this week only, as a special promotion for its maiden puffy voyage, passengers with loaches fly free.

In response to public concerns voiced over recent collisions between the Fighter Puff and a certain Loafing 747, Stealthcat Airlines has adjusted flight schedules so that neither cat plane will be in the same airspace simultaneously. “We feel the loss of those broken whiskers as much as anybody, and we vow to never let it happen again,” said the CEO of Stealthcat Airlines, “outside of natural circumstances, such as when our Fighter Puff is taking a particularly aggressive nap.”

Still, some locals have voiced their doubts. “I’m pretty sure they’re just photoshopping the faces of cats onto the planes,” opined a Meowmi, Florida resident who prefers to remain anonymous. “Still that’s a pretty fucking good deal.”

JANUARY 15, 2022

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